Our Story


My name is Nicole Cooper.

I'm a Professional freelance makeup artist and I have been in the makeup business for 7 years. Makeup for me started when I was a little girl. I always enjoyed playing in makeup. Even though I have a degree in business, makeup is my passion and it shows in every face that I do! I'm so happy that I found a passion for making people look and feel beautiful. I love to take a person's natural beauty and enhance it. However, my main goal is to please my clients and make them fall in love with the outcome. Some of my clients know exactly what look they are going for, while others trust my expertise enough to let me decide on the look. My testimonials show that when you hire me as your makeup artist you will leave feeling like a new person!

I also found a love for teaching and sharing my love for makeup. I started doing "Make-up & Moscato" where I show you step by step instruction on how to do a certain look while you enjoy snacks and Wine. It is a great workshop and worth every penny. It is for all levels of expertise from beginners to professionals. Either way, I guarantee you will learn something!

Now, I have taken my talent, knowledge, and experience to creating some of the best cosmetic products and I hope you enjoy! Follow me on Instagram at Vintage_Glam.

I’ve never had a more inspirational experience. By the time I got out of her chair...I knew I could take on the world!
— Client Review


Our mission is to provide services and products that will enhance our clients natural beauty. By using our talent, skills and education to help inspire clients to realize their beauty outside and most importantly inside.